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I Need A

1.0.1 - Universal

Released 05/01/2019

Key Changes

Hello Matchers, Downloaders and Movie Goers, we have another big update as a new site joins the 'I Need A' group... I Need A Movie!

Section One:

  • Changes to 'I Need A'. BETA

Section Two:

  • Changes to 'I Need A Match'.
  • Upcoming Features.

Section Three:

  • Current issues with 'I Need A Download' (INAD).
  • Proposed changes to INAD.
  • New Theme.
  • Going Public.

Section Four:

  • New site 'I Need A Movie'.
  • Features.
  • Possible changes.
  • Upcoming Features.

Section Five:

  • Expired Projects.
  • Other Projects.



------------------- Section One --------------------



Changes to 'I Need A'

I Need A is still going to serve as the  hub of all I Need A projects, however i'm currently struggling with the design of it as well as what content to put on here. Currently, there's the Release Notes for all sites and iv'e also added the Analytics for all sites, this way you can see any changes via the notes as well as how each site is performing based on the Analytics.

Currently I plan to put a little bit of information about each site as well as links to the respective sites.

Any other stuff you want on here then let me know!

As per usual when I finally get it working, I Need A will be the hub for all logins, again as originally planned this will allow you to register for one site (this one) and it will reserve your username for all sites related to the I Need A umbrella.



-------------------- Section Two -------------------



Changes to 'I Need A Match'

Back End:

Iv'e reduced a lot of the code including unnecessary CSS and Javascript which was still left from when iv'e removed features. Iv'e also removed a lot of the unused Applications / Plugins. This has in result sped up the site ever so slightly.

Front End:

Nothing to note (that i can think of).


Upcoming Features

A long time ago I created a feature that allowed the use of inputting a iTunes links and it generated the template based on the URL used, this included image, genres and track list. I will at some point in the future implement this as i feel like it'l be something that will be widely useful across the entire site. Currently I don't know when i'll implement this as it'l require changing the current method of posting.



------------------- Section Three ------------------



Current issues with 'I Need A Download' (INAD).

Currently there's a few issues with INAD, there's the problem of the theme, the problem of the storage, the problem of the traffic involved etc.

First up is the theme, while iv'e spent however much money getting people to make one, there's still a few bugs that need resolving. I'll be ironing these out throughout the month of May to hopefully have it launched in house (I Need A Family) about half way through the month and hopefully have it public by the end of the month.

Next up is the storage and traffic, I pay roughly £15 per 2TB of storage which works out to be roughly £1 per 150GB which personally is quiet a good deal, especially if i can monetize this. However this doesn't take into the account the time it takes to set up a server as well maintaining one. In regards to traffic, while bandwidth is not a problem as it's currently and most likely always will be unlimited. I still have to take into account user friendliness and experience otherwise no one will use the project in the first place, which would make making it public pointless.


Proposed changes to INAD.

Currently when this new theme is finally added and fully functioning, I'll be adding the "Copy Link" button everyone is asking for as well as opening up registrations to INAD overtime.

Other than that there's no other planned changes other than prices below.


Making INAD Public.

As mentioned above, I plan on making INAD open to all I Need A members before making it fully public, followed by making it fully public by the end of next moth. It will work on the principle 'DMCA Proof accounts', while I will actively remove any content that gets DMCAed unlike other sites such as MEGA and Mediafire i'll not remove your accounts regardless of complaints. This means that however many files in your account you'll never loose unless they break the ToS I plan on adding.

This will be for the following cost.

Free Account:

Storage: 50GB
Traffic: Unlimited
Advertisements: On download pages
Price: Free

Paid Account :

Storage: Unlimited
Traffic: Unlimited
Advertisements: None
Price: £4.99 m/o

Promotion Account (Via Trusted Uploader on INAM):

Storage: Unlimited
Traffic: Unlimited
Advertisements: None
Price: Free


------------------ Section Four --------------------


New site 'I Need A Movie'

I Need A Movie is the new site under the 'I Need A' umbrella, it has the same idea behind 'I Need A Match'. Free, Safe and High quality Music Movies. This site has no annoying pop ups, it only has banners at the bottom or top. It also only has 720p (HD) or higher movies, hosted on 3rd party sites which may or may not have advetisements that we don't control.

It also has a community section which iv'e noticed a lot of sites such as 0123movies or Putlocker doesn't have. Here you can leave reviews or just chat about whatever you like.

As per with I Need A Match, anyone can upload a movie onto this site, however unlike I Need A Match it'l be moderated to check quality and make sure everything follows the website guidelines. You can also make money using sites like RapidVideo or Openload.



Currently is has the following

  • Movies (720p or higher)
  • TV Shows (720p or higher)
  • Community Section
  • Comment Section
  • Review Section
  • Franchise Section
  • Chatbox in the Community Section


Possible Changes

Currently I don't plan on changing anything in regards to the functions of the site, the only possible changes are a few rules and terms and conditions as well as graphical changes.


Upcoming Features

I Plan on intergrating a Live TV section onto the websites so people can watch releases live, this will be the only section of the website that will break the 720p+ rule as currently I can't find any streams in higher than 480p.



------------------- Section Five --------------------



Expired Projects

Currently there's only one expired project and it's I Need A Link, this may come back in the future as i currently still own the ineeda.link domain, however this has definitely been put on the side bench for a long time to come.


Other Projects

Currently.... None....

I want to spend the next few months working on fixes and automation for all my current projects so I can just kind of let them be, let people upload movies music and download whatever they want. I want a free ecosystem that can live without me.


A huge thanks for the current team on I Need A Match for keeping that site alive.

dp4003 | ?? ???? ?? ??? | Ararat-Tempest | Buttersquatch | and everyone that provide there!

- Titan

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