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I Need A

1.0.11 - Bugs and Fixes

Released 05/13/2019

Key Changes

Hello, quick one for some changes, fixes and some bugs.

Section One:

  • Changes

Section Two:

  • Fixes

Section Three:

  • Some Bugs



------------------- Section One --------------------



There have been a few changes and updates across all of I Need A Projects.

Firstly there's changes to I Need A Match

  • Server has been migrated and has significantly increased in speed.
  • Some issues have occurred below.
  • I have removed ALL advertisements as compensation for the current issues.

Then there's changes to I Need A Movie

  • There's a new search function, which now shows preview of whats available based on search.
  • There's now a QR code to scan from your mobile to open the movie or video on your phone.
  • TV Shows. Movies and anything with a genre tag now shows as a movie grid instead of a list view.

    View images below (click to enlarge):

    image.png  image.png  


There's no changes to other I Need A Projects.



------------------- Section Two --------------------


Bug fixes, regardless of what the current situation looks like there has been a few bug fixes.

I Need A Movie

  • Fixed login issue with I Need A, so you can now login using your INA account.

I Need A Match

  • Fixed URL mismatch issue where internal URLs wouldn't work and return a 404.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the wrong theme to display for various people.
  • Fixed an issue where the admin theme wouldn't work.
  • Fixed an issue which caused posts to self delete after 5 minutes.
  • Fixed an issue where login wouldn't work and returned 'this URL doesn't exist on this server'.

I Need A

  • Fix the 'Database not found' issue based previous cookies.



------------------ Section Three -------------------



With the server migration there resides some bugs, which will be fixed in time. Please bare with me as this is the first time in a long time handled a VPS.

I Need A Match

  • Login with I Need A is currently not working. I have not re-enabled local registrations.
  • Images with vanished / reappear over the next few days.
  • Currently the 'Accept the T&C' button is appearing on the edit topic page.
  • Avatars and other profile features maybe missing.
  • Some applications (Calendar // Portal // Forums) aren't loading for some users.
  • Favicon has vanished.
  • Site load times on app have increased.
  • Clicking page '2' or more on the homepage may cause a page crash.

I'll be working on these throughout may and will post here when they're fixed, any other bugs just message me.


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