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I Need A

1.1.0 - May Update

Released 06/01/2019

Key Changes

Heyo peoples, some new features and some bug fixes.

Section One:

  • I Need A Match fixes
  • I Need A Match changes

Section Two:

  • I Need A Movie new features
  • I Need A Movie changes

Section Three:

  • Apps

Section Four:

  • Upcoming stuff.


------------------- Section One --------------------


I Need A Match fixes:

From the migration came a lot of bugs, during the past month there's been lots of fixes, the following things are now fully fixed


  • Fixed URL mismatch issue where internal URLs wouldn't work and return a 404.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the wrong theme to display for various people.
  • Fixed an issue where the admin theme wouldn't work.
  • Fixed an issue which caused posts to self delete after 5 minutes.
  • Fixed an issue where login wouldn't work and returned 'this URL doesn't exist on this server'.
  • Fixed Login with I Need A, registrations will now redirect to I Need A home page!
  • Profile pictures and posts now showing again and shouldn't disappear.
  • All applications now working for all users.
  • Favicon is now fixed and appears on Android // iOS correctly.
  • Site load times on app restored back to full speed.
  • Fixed the 2nd, 3rd etc page on the homepage.
  • Fixed T&C button appearing in the wrong places.

I Need A Match changes:

There's been a change in management, dp4003 and ?? ???? ?? ??? are now the two in command over there, i'll still maintain the site and make sure it stays alive, but these two will be in charge or recruitment and moderation! Everyone wish them the best of luck.

Requests have now changes, there's no longer 'Filled Requests' they will just be locked and remain in the requests section this is to help people fine already requested / filled content.


------------------- Section Two --------------------



I Need A Movie new features:

We've added a anime section to the site, primarily because I like anime and a few personal friends have asked so why not ? right ? The anime section has both English and Japanese options when posting content.

I Need A Movie changes:

When posting content the layout has changed, we've removed 'Seasons' under the TV and Anime section, we've also removed ability to post TV in movies and vice versa, now Movies will return 'Watch' links TV Shows will return 'Episode' links and Anime will return 'English and Japanese' links.


----------------- Section Three --------------------




I have created a I Need A Match and I Need A Movie app for Android devices. both can be downloaded on https://www.ineeda.org home page or from links below.


  • Both apps are advertisement free!*
  • Both apps have full site accessibility and features including chatbox and messenger etc.
  • Both apps are 100% free.

*I Need A Movie uses a 3rd party video host who's advertisements are not removable, however these will open in your browser and not in the app, thus not directing away from the app within the app.

I Need A Match - Download

I Need A Movie - Download



------------------ Section Four ---------------------



Upcoming stuff:

Currently there are plans to reintroduce advertisements throughout all of I Need A projects, we do need to make money some how, however we'll also be offering a VIP option for all advertisements to be removed across all I Need A projects.

Current plans for this are the following:

$1 or more = 100% advertisement free on all sites apart from 3rd party video ads which we have no control over (sorry).

Current running cost of all I Need A projects is around $125 a month.

Additional Information

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