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I Need A

I Need A - Universal

Released 04/01/2019

Key Changes

Hello 'I Need A' users, this is going to be a really long release notes, so let's get started.

Section One:

  1. 'I Need A' What is ?
  2. Changes and Reasons.

Section Two:

  1. I Need A Match New Features and Changes.
  2. I Need A Match Android App.

Section Three:

  1. I Need A Download Upcoming Features

Section Four:

  1. Planned Projects.
  2. Cancelled Projects.



------------------- Section One --------------------



What is 'I Need A' ?

In short 'I Need A' is the hub of all projects related to this domain. Here you'll be able to register for all current and upcoming websites as well as link already registered accounts to enable you to share your contributions cross sites!

Here you'll also find the blog which if / when used will contain important updates and news about the 'I Need A' brand(?). The reason behind all of this is to make a first in the warez community, a collection of sites which are all independent but in parallel the reliant on one and another.


Changes and Reasons:

The first big change is the Release Notes for all 'I Need A' projects will be hosted on here, this makes it easier to find and not having to visit individual sites for the sake of a few updates. I've encouraged myself to have a development cycle of roughly a month per project, this means every three months or so will be one big Release Notes release.

Another change is, when registering for I Need A Match for example you'll be asked to register here so you can log in with other 'I Need A' projects without having to re-register for another site, again with this 'Universal' Update.



    -------------------- Section Two -------------------



    I Need A Match New Features:

    There's a lot of new things on I Need A Match, some not too obvious, some really obvious and some back end, so i'm just going to bullet point them with a quick explanation to stop people getting too bored.


    • Added social links, such as Facebook, Twitter, VK and Instagram. I didn't realise and neither will you guys, however over 40% of our traffic comes from social media, so to keep 'I Need A' alive iv'e decided to expand on social media to try and get some more followers and more visitors.
    • Fixed an issue with the 'Trust' system which allowed people to create and remove posts to only increase 'Trust' now when a topic is removed you'll loose the trust you earned from that topic.
    • Enabled image embed from URL instead of having to upload images directly to the site. For this to work you just have to click this icon  cameraicon.png  in the toolbar and insert the URL and it'l automatically embed the image.
    • Added new ranks for the sake of those who uploads loads with different benefits.
      • Novice Uploader is now the lower uploader status as 500 'Trust'. This will come with the benefit of using Shortest links (Affiliate Link) with their posts to generate a little bit of money.
      • Trusted Uploader is now the second rank in uploaders at 2500 'Trust'. This will enable the same benefits as the Novice Uploader as well as an invite to I Need A Download to use unlimited storage for free for use with I Need A Match and your own personal site.
      • Master Uploader is now the highest rank in uploaders at 10000 'Trust'. This will have the same benefits as the above and not much else as I really don't know what to offer anyone who achieves this many posts (10,000 Mp3s // 2000 iTunes // 1000 Lossless) but you'll get a pretty title!
    • Added advertisements in the following place: between home page posts, at the left and right hand side of the home page and finally at the bottom of posts and forums. Advertisements show as below:
      • Guests see all advertisements.
      • Registered users will have the left and right advertisements removed.
      • Novice Uploader will have portal advertisements removed as well as the above.
      • Trusted Uploader will have all advertisements removed.
      • Master Uploader will also have all advertisements removed.
      • Donators can skip and donate $1 or more to have all advertisements removed.
      • Moderators and Administrators will have no advertisements.
    • Lazy Loading, for those that don't know is a method of loading images on a webpage. What it does is it only loads images as you get to them instead of all in one go which means the site should load quicker and use less bandwidth if you're just here for a chat.
    • Added the genres to the mobile version of the site to help people find new music while on the go!
    • Re-added the recent discographies block at the top of the home page to help people see what discographies we offer as a site. Currently only Administrators can upload discographies as it's still a lil too complicated to make public.
    • Requests can still be made by everyone and as much as people would like, however requests now have an expire time, which currently is 14 days without an answer the request will be removed from the system in order to stop filling up the site. This will possibly change as more and more requests get placed.


    I Need A Match Android App:

    Unfortunately for you iPhone users, you can't side install apps for websites like you can on Android and due to legal reasons and money reasons we wasn't able to offer one on the app store. So Android users can enjoy the app by just downloading it by clicking on the Android block on the home page of the site.


    • Navigate the site from within the app with ease.
    • External links will open in your browser.
    • Come with a bottom advertisement in order to recoup costs.
    • Advertisement free version is available for donators.


    • Doesn't have left menu as it was pretty pointless.
    • Doesn't have notifications as they was annoying anyways.


      ------------------- Section Three ------------------



      I Need A Download Upcoming Features:

      Currently iv'e hit a wall in terms of motivation for developing I Need A Download at the moment, surrounded by distractions and problems at work iv'e decided to delay the changes on I Need A Download for a few weeks, however below are the current plans.


      • I Need A Download WILL become public, which means everyone will be able to register an account.
      • I have plans to add a copy link button when finished uploading.
      • There will be a single advertisement on the download page (none intrusive).
      • There will be NO timer to download for unregistered members of registered members!
      • I Need A Download WILL NOT be a free service, below are the costing / Terms and Conditions.
        • Pricing
          • If you get to Trusted Uploader on I Need A Match, it will get an invite for it to be 100% free!
          • If you aren't a Trusted Uploader on I Need A Match, it will be £0.02 per GB of storage.
        • Benefits
          • Unlike sites like MEGA, your account WILL NOT be removed for violating DMCA, however you will have that content removed.
          • You can host whatever you like, apart from the obvious; Child Pornography, Malicious Software, Viruses.


        ------------------ Section Four --------------------



        Planned Projects:

        Same as I Need A Download, I currently lack the motivation to create a new project, however I do have an idea on what I want to make. I'm not going to announce what it is or anything, however you can find a hint on what it might be on the home page of 'I Need A'.

        I'm not going to start this project until I restart Need A Download as it's a lil unfair for existing sites to be put on the side line.

        Cancelled Projects:

        I don't know how many of you remember but we originally had a Link Shortener in the works, however Iv'e decided against this as I don't really know what purpose it would serve it just seemed like a good idea.

        Additional Information

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